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Marek Ištvánek`s summary of experience in Spaceship Institute of Keshe Foundation [Open Magnetic Light Network]

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Marek Ištvánek`s summary of experience in Spaceship Institute of Keshe Foundation

I am on the way of becoming more conscious spiritual being for long time.

On this way I also came across free energy and similar clean technology devices and knowledge. I am most interested in such ways which connect spirituality and materiality in as harmonious way as possible.

Before the Institute

This brought me to Keshe Foundation sometimes at the end of year 2012. There were lots of things resonating with my attitude to life. I have considered some things also not so good there so it was mix of both. After some time of reading, communicating and evaluating I have decided to help on the Keshe Foundation way, learn and experience more so that I could better understand and realize more fast clean technology in this Earth life to help spiritual evolution of humanity when used properly in moral way.

To know more, I have found Mr. Keshe`s books on internet and downloaded them to have a look if it is worth it. The same You do when You go to a books shop and browse through a book You are interested in before You buy it. I have realized the books have useful ideas so I have bought book one from Keshe Foundation. I started to read it in my spare time between my job, family life and the rest.

Then I have applied for being a knowledge seeker at Spaceship Institute, Keshe Foundation was launching at the beginning of year 2014 to help with it and go forward in deeper insight. I was accepted so I have cancelled my job of electron microscope software developer and moved to the Spaceship Institute.

My wife was pregnant and we were awaiting new child to be borned to our family in June 2014 to join our first son. I have informed Mr. Keshe about my situation regarding my family and financies and he new also I cannot afford to stay at Spaceship Institute for longer time then 3 months without incomes. I have payed 5 000 € for 3 months tuition to Keshe Power Cell and Mr. Keshe assured me Keshe Foundation will take care about my financial situation and it is no problem to go back home in June to stay with my family and newly born child few months untill we settle down and then we will have good conditions to return back to Italy in September or so.

Few months ago, our group have started negotiation about establishment of Keshe Foundation Czechia and Slovakia with Mr. Keshe. We have prepared the agreement after many discussions and checks by Mr. Keshe and Dirk Laureyssens. It was agreed upon so we have signed it in the Czech Republic and certified by a notary. The only signature missing was of Mr. Keshe so I have taken the agreement with me to Italy to finnish it. The final version can be seen here.

In the Institute

So I moved to Spaceship Institute near Desenzano del Garda in northern Italy and joined other knowledge seekers there.

Now I would need to write longer story about the stay. To make it short for now, it was a pleasure to meet Mr. Keshe and his family there. They were welcomming us well. Then after some struggles with accommodations we were settled and could focus better on the work at the Institute.

Mr. Keshe told us many things. Some were resonating with my inner being, others were not understood well by me. Overally it was good start. He showed us some devices and materials and we worked in a lab as well. You know what we have shared in our workshops and in other materials like videos etc.

While being there I finnished reading the book one and Mr. Keshe gave us all the three printed books which were included in the fee.

Sometimes I have noticed some of Mr. Keshe`s words directly contradict his deeds. Something was told us by him and we have experienced something else. Similar things could be felt also by public. We call it “unfulfilled promisses”. This mix of nice and strange resulted in that I cannot fully trust to Mr. Keshe which is sad. I do not want to go into details, but You can see for Yourself from this writing some of the contradictions.

I brought the agreement of Keshe Foundation Czechia and Slovakia to Mr. Keshe in the Institute. After some time he told me they cannot accept it because we have too much rights. It was a surprise for me, because it was agreed upon before.

After all the work at the Institute and those workshops for sharing knowledge freely and openly I had to return to my family to welcome our newly born baby together as was preagreed. It was at the end of May and You can listen to my farewell from the Institute at the end of the 12th english workshop.

You can read the summary of Jorge Martínez Cano here as well together with the summary of John Skelton.

Plasma technology

Regarding the plasma technology and theory, we have started with overal overview crossing different boundaries and disciplines. After that we have worked on nanolayers (metal surface structuring), their usage for gans production in gans capture cells. After the preparation of the lab for running plasma reactor rotating vacuum chambers with gas content we have launched the reactors and run them for months with nanolayers inside the chambers. Some weak B magnetic field effects were observed and masured by Hal detectors. Still, plasma opening is to be achieved yet. Yukako performed with our help and Mr. Keshe`s leadership set of experiments for decontamination of radioactive soil and water at Fukushima region in Japan with good success. Gans filled reactors were evaluated as well and the research continues.

After the Institute

I have returned home where we live well in my family together with our newly born son and we enjoy this time.

Because there seams to be no Keshe university at Lake Garda where I have been offered regular job by Mr. Keshe previously from September 2014 and because of the mentioned experiences, I do not consider it safe for my family and do not plan to return back to the Institute in this situation.

We have decided not to establish Keshe Foundation Czechia and Slovakia as well, because even after two emails to Mr. Keshe after I left the Institute to clarify what needs to be changed in the agreement I have received no answers so we consider this kind of communication unreliable.

Instead we are building another new good ways how to continue well… and we have established our own nonprofit research and development company CeMaS which is open for cooperation.

Mr. Keshe talks about me

This was not the usual case, but this time Mr. Keshe talks about me and others in bad mood at the end of 30th english workshop on October 2nd, 2014:

“… Some knowledge seekers came to us 7 months ago with different thoughts of what they were expecting from knowledge seekers. Some knowledge seekers came here to be, at least to their level, to help humanity, but we have found out by nature they are thieves. So we let them go because they explained how they have stolen. And if I allow somebody who is by nature stealing of the man`s effort and is proud of it to stand in front of the man he has stolen from he does not deserve to be here, then I encourage stealing. That is against my etos. That is why Marek is not here. He told me he downloaded the book first freely where he could take it from. And to me to put the book out as a scientist to support the Foundation was below my acceptance and that is why Marek is not around this table. Even though whatever talents and quality he had, because this is the man`s nature. Unless the nature changes, then it`s different. Even we gave him the books extra again freely.

Jorge is not here because of the position he got himself into. Again it is the responsibility, I am here, the Foundation has to do. But You made an agreement You keep to Yours.

Yukako`s case is well known. We do not need to discuss why she came and what she left and what gift she brought us.

So if You come with the tempted ideas that won`t be on the table we know but we do not discuss. And if You ask why knowledge seekers change in a way around this table, it is according to their souls and their behaviours. So we do not make difference. It`s them who have to decide how clear they are …”

Later in the beginning of 31st english workshop on October 9th, 2014:

… We did not release or permit the Keshe Foundation Czech Republic to be established because the document we have received, Dirk Laureyssens and me twice went through it, we have corrected it and received the same thing back, was that they were asking, in very strange way, that all the intellectual right of the Keshe Foundation Holland which belongs to the world population to be given to the Czech Republic they have rights over all our intellectual rights and this is illegal. I cannot give something which I have given to world population and back for You if You wanted to do anything to get permission from Czech Republic to do it. So Marek becomes the boss of Keshe Foundation. So for this reason we did not permit or allow the establishment of Keshe Foundation Czech Republic. This is the pattern of work which I have explained. This is taking and taking is Your right to take playing the priest be holy. And then we have seen the same thing as You have seen the system, we were told continuously here that we have to give everything to them except that what is self confidential, private and secret test by governments, the same pattern. So please close Your ears, because here we see them no more in the Foundation. We do not go through him to personal any battles but this is what You have seen another noise You have seen here. And we have ended this case …


The experience at the Institute was useful for me overally.

It was not easy for my whole family. The fee was high for me compared to the obtained initial state of the technology and knowledge. It is a pity that strange personal aspects and untrustful environment exist at the Institute because we could make more good work for humanity there if the environment was more harmonious.

I wish Mr. Keshe and his family as well as the Keshe Foundation and the Institute all the best and hope the situation gets better so that it will be succesful as a whole.

I still consider most of the technology viable and after clarifying its state and clean research ways it can be beneficial for humanity. It needs lots of work, more openness not so tied to Keshe Foundation only but encouraging overal cooperation across the Earth and sharing.

And it needs also spiritual insight and intuition to guide material world…

Let the Light of the Only Source, God be with us on the good ways of life.

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