Open Magnetic Light Network

Where spirituality meets materiality cooperatively and openly

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Open Magnetic Light Network

Where spirituality meets materiality cooperatively and openly



We are on this Earth where spirituality and materiality should live together in harmony, in tune with the musical flow of the creation we are part of, to awaken our awareness and open our inner self to support beauty of every being. Let it be the prayer of life to our Creator.

Let us share our life experiences. Let us prepare and develop independent network of open people, researchers and supporters, dealing with understanding of universal laws, connection of spirituality with materiality and new clean technologies, to grow coherent knowledge or science and help each other on the ways to the Light with the help from above.

All for better understanding, further research and good applications of fundamental knowledge of the creation for better humanity. This time across individuals and organizations with open mind and heart.

Let us cocreate this multilingual web portal where we can share and extend researches and experiences done over the world by different people and organizations to develop and better know the knowledge of flowing magnetic light (rays) universe.

The Light be with You


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There are many possibilities how to join us and cooperate with us:

  • Read content to get better insight
  • Register to this site by creating Your user account to be able to edit it
  • Edit Your user page by clicking on Your name to tell others something about You
  • Translate pages to a language You know (if You need to add new language, let us know)
  • Write pages, upload files with useful content to share with others
  • Discuss on any page where discussion is enabled
  • Cooperate on useful projects and do curious experiments
  • You can also visit our Facebook group


We should be people willing to give to humanity and Creation the best we can heartfully and with pleasure.

Let this site be one of the tools which can help us on this good way.

Good journey

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