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Plasma technology

USB key

In the beginning of 2014, Keshe Foundation through its Spaceship Institute, released USB key with all the patents and other documents regarding the plasma technology to the public as a gift to humanity. It was originally gifted only to Earth governments, which many times accepted it.

You can access the key at:

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Reactor design




Gans means gas of nano solid and is a new state of matter 1). One way of gans creation is in salt water cells with nanocoated metal electrodes. Gans should be well available also in nature, in oceans, animal and human bodies etc. Due to its unique properties, gans may play important role in communication. Some of the possible properties are:

  • Superconductivity at room temperature
  • High stability in wide range of environments
  • Ability to decontaminate radioactive materials (soil, water etc.) as was shown in Fukushima decontamination experiments done by Spaceship Institute
  • Ability to enhance and support plants growth and health

Plasma reactors or receivers

Static plasma reactors

Static plasma reactor uses some kind of nanomaterials in proper environments and avoids larger scale selfsustained plasma formations. Some of the examples are:

  • CocaCola bottle reactor
  • Gans capture cells

Dynamic plasma reactors

Basic principle of a dynamic plasma reactor is to mimic the working of planets, stars etc. The goal of such reactors is to create suitable environmet for initiating self sustained autonomous rotating plasmas inside them and after that keep such system with minimal or zero external direct power input to make them self running by nature. Such environments may be vacuum chambers or other containers allowing plasma containment. Ultimately dynamic plasma can be selfcontained without any solid material container.

Reactors can be divided to these categories:

  • Reactors with radioactive nuclear material
    • Rotating vacuum chamber is used with Hydrogen and other gasses layered around it
    • Radioactive nuclear material inside the chamber provides excitations and allows opening the plasma of Hydrogen to harvest its power
    • Most of the ideas and some research was done by Keshe Foundation and information can be found in the patents above
    • Interactions of internal plasma with environment was reported to allow gravity control, protective magnetic shielding, energy and new materials production
    • Development was reported to be done in Iran
    • Belgium did not allow Keshe Foundation to continue development so it moved to Italy where it continues without nuclear material together with external cooperation
  • Reactors with nanomaterials
    • Vacuum chamber based
      • Rotating vacuum chamber is used with Hydrogen or other gasses layered around it
      • Nanolayered internal chamber surfaces or plasma centralizing rotational axis rod is used to excite Hydrogen plasma and open it
    • Gans filled rotating chambers are tested as another possibility
1) There are many similarities with Ormus or Orme state of matter and the knowledge should be merged together
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